Background information

About children with atopic dermatitis, and how it affects caregivers

Caring for a child with moderate-to-severe AD means facing constant, additional challenges on top of regular parenting responsibilities. Following are different situations in which AD can significantly impact family life.1, 2

Getting dressed
AD in children can make daily tasks such as getting dressed more stressful.1
Social life
The disease may influence the level of the child's activities.1
Caring for siblings
Caring for unaffected siblings may be more challenging, as children with AD can require more time and attention.1
Sleepless nights
AD may not only cause sleepless nights and psychological stress for the child, but also for the caregivers.2
Bullying can also cause stress for both the child and the caregivers.1
Burden on household

The burden of a child's AD on a household can build up logistically – and financially. Families spend up to 19 hours per week caring for the specific needs of children and/or teens with moderate-to-severe AD.2, 3

Up to 91% of working parents of teens with self-reported severe AD reported missing at least one day of work in the prior month.3

Emotional burden
36% of caregivers to children and adolescents with AD report having anxiety and/or depression themselves,4 demonstrating just how far-reaching the emotional burden of this complex disease can be.

It is clear that families with AD need more support, and now is the time to act. That's why the 2021' Agents of Change' AD Challenge focuses on helping reduce the impact of AD on family life. We're calling on people all around the world to come up with ideas, big or small, to help support families dealing with the daily struggles of this complex, chronic disease.

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Additional resources

This resource has been co-created alongside the Challenge team to support you in designing your idea.

Throughout the Challenge, support includes:

  • Access to research information to support the ideation process
  • New connections and the opportunity to meet co-creators while growing your network via the HYVE Crowd platform and AD community

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